Normandy Strategic Leaders Experience: Our flagship program brings leaders on a world class, life-changing, leader development experience. This full-immersion leadership workshop and battlefield experience offers the opportunity to learn from D-Day commanders and their courageous leaders in the field — what problems did they face, what events or people inspired their courage, what strategies and decisions were critical, and why were they able to change the course of history?  We discuss these issues at key places along the Normandy battlefields, while connecting the past and the present-day challenges business leaders face. We turn these powerfully moving D-Day stories into unforgettable linkages for today’s business leaders as you discover highly practical ways to build teams, develop strategies, make courageous decisions, and conquer your competitors. Good stories entertain us, but great stories change the way we are as leaders.

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Strategic Leaders Guild: Are you serious about peak performance at the strategic level? Join our unique, year-long program that brings together a small group of high-performing leaders united in mastering the challenges of leadership at the strategic level. In this life-changing year, Guild participants develop Intellectual Courage through organized study and reflection, coaching and discussion, and powerful, semi-annual battlefield leadership experiences. True inspirational leadership comes from the content of your character and the depth of your intellectual courage. Good books and conversations entertain us. Great ones inspire us.

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Which D-Day Leader Are You?

Which D-Day leader are you?

Building a balanced leadership team begins with leader self-awareness. Take the Strategic Leaders Academy 5 question test to find out which D-Day leader you resemble most. We describe your tendencies and strengths, as well as the types of people you need around you to succeed.

The test uses SLA’s in-depth research on leader personalities and on these featured D-Day commanders to help you see yourself.

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