Advancing Non-Profit Impact and Leadership

Consulting Services

My primary mission is to support not-for profit organizations that want to maximize their impact in conflict zones.

Here are 5 core areas of support for your organization:

* Not-for-profit Organizational Strategy and Performance

* Optimizing Overseas Impact

* Strategic advice on Civil-Military Engagement

* Leader Development and Executive Coaching

* Keynote Speaking

I will also support certain domestic not-for-profits, businesses and other organizations – especially those that promote civilian protection, human & civil rights, economic opportunity, and human security in conflict zones and other places where civilians experience violence in their daily lives.

KSL Impact

I only work with a few clients at a time. This allows me to focus on you. My clients have:

*** Boosted revenue by an average of 44% in the first two years – my support has paid for itself;

*** Developed adaptable strategies to guide decision-making in a complex, dynamic world;

*** Improved board governance: my risk management and decision support tools have helped even a highly polarized board make sound strategic choices;

*** Enriched business management with:

  • Clarified priorities: 100% of respondents reported organizational priorities were better understood and operationalized;
  • Improved quality of meetings: 89% of respondents reported meetings were more focused and productive; 78% reported improved collaboration;
  • Improved time management: 100% reported greater time predictability; and 67% cited improved management respect for employee time and contributions;

*** Determined ways to measure impact and outcomes — a major advantage in competing for donor dollars;

*** Overcome founder’s syndrome;

*** Improved governance of “celebrity” non-profits by putting smart systems in place;

*** Strengthened communications and governance with grantees overseas;

*** Developed realistic business plans that align resources and capabilities to impact goals;

*** Carried on the work by themselves – no dependency.

Special OfferAt no cost, I will review your current organizational strategy and let you know any potential gaps or shortfalls that may affect your impact.

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