Core Capabilities 

  • Strategy Development
  • Performance Measurement
  • Building Management Teams
  • Standard Operating Procedures, Policies and Start-up Infrastructure
  • Risk Assessment and Management


  • 44% increase in revenue in the first two years following KSL engagement
  • Developed adaptable strategies to guide decision-making
  • Improved board governance and management
  • Determined performance measures to evaluate and publicize corporate impacts and outcomes
  • Overcome founder’s syndrome
  • Strengthened and clarified communications and governance with grantees overseas
  • Developed realistic business plans that align resources and capabilities to achieve results

Improved business practices

  • Clarified priorities: 100% of KSL clients reported organizational priorities were better understood and operationalized
  • Improved quality of meetings: 89% of KSL clients reported meetings were more focused and productive and  78% reported improved collaboration;
  • Improved time management: 100% of KSL clients reported greater time management and predictability; and 67% cited improved management respect for employee time and contributions