SLA helps leaders build the Intellectual Courage needed to thrive and win in strategic environments.


Why is this needed? A strategic environment occurs when leaders with high levels of autonomy encounter competitive interaction. Due to growing interconnectedness and shrinking competitive space, leaders are encountering strategic environments earlier and more frequently than in the past … and are hitting the wall at higher impact. Our leader development models are failing them.


Strategic Leaders Guild: Our flagship program brings leaders on a world class, life-changing, leader development experience. This year-long program that brings together a small group of up to 8 high-performing leaders united in mastering the challenges of strategic leadership. Guild participants develop Intellectual Courage through organized study and reflection; coaching and discussion; high-impact semi-annual workshops, and our powerful semi-annual battlefield leadership experiences. True inspirational leadership comes from the content of your character and the depth of your intellectual courage.  


The Guild includes:


  • Monthly Learning Program uses selected readings to amplify the 12 habits of Intellectual Courage. The guild will discuss key insights from the readings with Dr. Kolenda and (on selected months) a guest speaker. Each member will identify one key take away to bring to their business.
  • Monthly 1-on-1 Strategic Advising to provide advice and hold you accountable as you implement your ideas (1 hour of dedicated private sessions per month + unlimited email exchanges)
  • A World Class Peer Group – you will share your experiences and network with several other C-level strategic leaders through a private and confidential discussion group.
  • Semi-annual Workshops
    • Building balanced leader teams
    • Strategy
  • Semi-Annual Capstone Experiences
    • Normandy Strategic Leaders Experience
    • Abraham Lincoln Strategic Leader Experience (Washington DC, includes trips to Antietam and Gettysburg)


Our Non-Profit Strategic Leaders Guild mirrors the Guild at special rates.



Normandy Strategic Leaders Experience: Our flagship capstone program brings leaders on a world class, life-changing, leader development experience. This full-immersion leadership workshop and battlefield experience offers the opportunity to learn from D-Day commanders and their courageous leaders in the field — what problems did they face, what events or people inspired their courage, what strategies and decisions were critical, and why were they able to change the course of history?

We discuss the 12 habits of Intellectual Courage at key places along the Normandy battlefields, while connecting the past and the present-day challenges business leaders face. We turn these powerfully moving D-Day stories into unforgettable linkages for today’s business leaders as you discover highly practical ways to compete and win in a strategic environment.

* Ask about our exclusive Corporate program to Normandy and other powerfully moving places (minimum 10 participants)



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America is experiencing a crisis in strategic leadership. Two intractable major wars, recent financial crises, businesses falling out of the S&P 500 at accelerating rates, start-ups crashing after meteoric rises, toxic workplaces, among other problems, point to the troubling consequences when leaders rise to their levels of incompetence. Business leaders are encountering strategic environments more quickly than ever. They hit the wall because nothing has prepared them to cope with the extreme levels of autonomy, uncertainty, and complexity they face. Businesses that develop a deep bench of intellectually courageous strategic leaders will gain tremendous advantages. Find out how to bring the 12 Habits of Intellectual Courage to your organization


Christopher D. Kolenda, Ph.D., Founder of the Strategic Leaders Academy, shows why Intellectual Courage is the defining quality of effective strategic leadership. He connects the inspiring story of D-Day to the 12 Habits of Intellectual Courage necessary for today’s leaders to thrive. “Good stories entertain us,” Dr. Kolenda says, “but great stories change the way we are as leaders.”