Ten Ways Great Leaders Lead

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Can Non-Profit leaders learn from good leaders in the military?  The similarities in how you bring out the best in people and teams who are motivated by mission and not by profit might surprise you.

Here are 10 Ways Great Leaders Lead — 10 Ways they bring out the best in their people and teams and get great results along the way.

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  • Tend Your Own Garden
  • Clarify Expectations and Enforce Standards
  • Set the Example
  • Celebrate Failure
  • Be Humble – Courage and Humility are Complementary
  • Pay It Forward: Be A Mentor
  • Show You Care about people as individuals
  • Treat People with Respect
  • Be Trustworthy
  • Leave a Legacy of Excellence


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Christopher D. Kolenda is President and CEO of Kolenda Strategic Leadership which helps NonProfits maximize their impact and leadership.  He commanded Paratroopers in combat and served as Senior Advisor to the Department of Defense Senior Leadership and to three Commanders of International Forces (ISAF) over four tours in Afghanistan.  See his two books on applied leadership: Leadership: The Warrior’s Art and The Counterinsurgency Challenge.  Follow me @KSLCEO


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