October 27, 2014

Conflict of Interest?

Some who stand to lose big government contracts due to one threat receding may shout the loudest about a new one emerging … Have some in the Knowledge Industry become the war profiteers of the 21st Century?  No doubt, most are honest and doing what they think is right … But are we doing enough to challenge and test conventional wisdom before spending blood, treasure, and time?


Royal Marine Commando and Double Amputee Ben McBean to run 31 miles in shape of poppy, as UK ends combat mission in Afghanistan and Armistice Day approaches.  See his inspiring story. “If you are going through hell, keep going.” 
― Winston S. Churchill

Protection of Women

India’s prostitute brides: Girls raped as temporary wives

In Hyderabad, young girls are sold as virgin brides, only to be raped and then abandoned — a de facto child prostitution supermarket …  Tasleem was 14 when her mother sold her virginity to a 61-yer-old man from Oman for about $700. Tasleem’s mother was arrested, but Tasleem was kicked out of the family home.

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