Why Do I Support Central Asia Institute?

CAI logoWhy do I support Central Asia Institute and their mission to advance education, especially for girls, in conflict zones and impoverished rural areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan?

Because they make great impact and are careful stewards of donor funds.

See this short video: Why I am Involved

I have seen personally many of their schools and educational and vocational efforts.  They have made significant impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands in some of the world’s most remote and difficult areas.

I have worked as a consultant for CAI this past year, supporting them in developing an organizational strategy and integrated business plan that focuses on maximizing impact using the best business practices.  Thanks to the efforts of their Executive Director, Jim Thaden, the CAI staff, and the Board of Directors, Central Asia Institute is accredited by the Charity Better Business Bureau and Guidestar.

Over 100,000 children learn at Central Asia Institute supported schools.  Read more about their efforts here: “Footsteps: Building Hope


Impact is a NonProfit’s bottom line.  My Mission is to help you thrive.   

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Christopher D. Kolenda is President and CEO of Kolenda Strategic Leadership which helps NonProfits maximize their impact and leadership.  He commanded Paratroopers in combat and served as Senior Advisor to the Department of Defense Senior Leadership and to three Commanders of International Forces (ISAF) over four tours in Afghanistan.  See his two books on applied leadership and strategy: Leadership: The Warrior’s Art and The Counterinsurgency Challenge.  Follow me @KSLCEO



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